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Joint effort to create a talent culture that gives full scope to the talents

Group organizes symposium on organization and human resources work

  On April 25, the Group held a symposium on the first quarter organization and human resources work in Zouping to exchange experience in organizational system construction and human resources work this year, and to discuss new situations and new issues in the work of human organization under the new situation. It also put forward requirements for the key tasks of human resources throughout the year. Wang Jianxin, Vice Chairman and Vice President of the Group, Chen Dengquan, Vice President, Vice President, Zhen Yuke, Vice President of the group and Chairman of the Tiexiong Metallurgical Technology Co., Ltd. and Li Huamin, partner of Anyong Company attended the meeting. The group Organization Department, Human Resources Department and the company’s ownership companies' leaders participated in the meeting.

The Group Carries out the Cooperative Activities of Poverty Alleviation with Houxizhuang Village of Pingdu City

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