“This is the Best Coking Plant I Know in China”

High praise for Zhongrong Xinda Tiexiong Metallurgical Company from Japanese JFE

  “This is the best coking plant I know in China. The only best one. The factory of Tiexiong Metallurgical Company is extraordinarily clean and beautiful, and with the great order of the scene management, it will be much happy for employees to work at such a company. Since it helps us realize the win-win result, we feel so pleasant to cooperate with the company.” On the morning of July 19, Tiexiong Metallurgical Company was highly praised by a group of 6 persons including Nishikawa Ryoichi, the general manager, Li Hongmei, the deputy general manager, and Nakoku Koji, the director of production technology department of Shandong Jiefuyi Zhenxing Chemicals Corporation of JFE Chemicals Corporation during their visit to and discussion about Tiexiong Metallurgical Technology Company of Zhongrong Xinda Group.

Strategic Cooperation Agreement is Signed between Zhongrong Xinda and Jiangxi Cooper


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