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Group’s 1st Employee Skills Competition Started in Tie Xiong Metallurgy

Twenty-three Veteran Entrepreneurs were Honored

  On June 30th, colored banners spread in the wind and the bugle sounded on center culture square of Tie Xiong Metallurgical Technology Co., LTD. The opening ceremony of Zhongrong Xinda Group’s 1st Employee Skills Competition and Award Ceremony of Fifteen-year Veteran were held here. Director of the Standing Committee of Zouping County Zhang Baowu, Deputy County Chief Li Jiangang, Group Leaders Wang Jianxin, Li Jinghua, Wang Qianwei, Chen Dengquan, Zhang Yijia, General Manager of Tie Xiong Corporation Li Cuntao and others participated in the activity.

The Party Committee of Zhongrong Xinda Group held July 1st Celebration Symposium

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