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Tiexiong Metallurgy Talent Culture Construction Is in Show Time

Let every employee have the opportunity to live a wonderful life

  In recent years, Tiexiong Metallurgical Co., Ltd., in accordance with the requirements of Secretary General Xi Jinpin to carry forward the glorious labor, precious skills, and create great times. Expand channels, build the platform, give an open challenge, combine internal training with foreign talents, and build a flourishing talent culture. Make efforts to cultivate high-quality laborers and technical talents to create a good environment where everyone can become talented and everyone can display their talents, so that every employee has the opportunity to create a colorful life.

Tie Xiong Metallurgy Held the 1st Award Ceremony of ‘ Tie Xiong’s Example ’

让铁雄群星璀璨 照亮每一个角落

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