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The Group Finishes the Semi-annual Appraisal of the Management of Subsidiary Companies

  A few days ago, the headquarter of the Group established the appraisal leading team, which finished the semi-annual appraisal of the management and the members of 8 subsidiary companies.

  Wang Jianxin, vice chairman and vice president of the Group, was appointed as the team leader, while relevant personnel of organization department, human resource department and supervision department constituted the team members. Three methods including interviews with the management, democratic evaluation and scoring and conversations with staff were adopted in the appraisal, focusing on the appraisal of the mental state, shouldering of responsibility and achievements, organization system and team building of the entire management of each subsidiary company. Meanwhile, the importance was also attached to the appraisal of the ability of integrating with and adapting to the company and the matching of abilities with positions of new members of the management.

Great Effects are Produced through the Strict Management of Project Cost by the Infrastructure Project Department of the Group

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