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Peruvian Business Management Newspaper Published the Feature on Zhongrong Xinda Pongo Polymetallic Ore

  It is reported that Peruvian Business Management Newspaper published the press release, Pongo Polymetallic Ore Owned by Zhongrong Xinda Ore Resources Jinzhao Peruvian Mining Company has Got the Green Light from the Peruvian Government, on May 28.

  According to Peruvian Business Management Newspaper, Pongo Polymetallic Ore Project got the construction permit reply issued by National Department of Minerals and Energy of Peru on Mar 26, 2018. Jinzhao Peruvian Mining Company submitted environmental impact assessment modification to Environmental Service Certification Authority three months ago to apply for adding wet separation plants for using sea water to make mineral separation. It introduces the approval procedures of the new area exploration located in the southwest of Pongo Polymetallic Ore Project and the situation of the exploration budget being USD 50 million. Meanwhile, it says that Jinzhao Peruvian Mining Company is in negotiations of financing cooperation, considering promoting the construction of Pongo Polymetallic Ore Project through forming the union of mining enterprises and construction enterprises.

The Port of San Juan Construction Project Promotion Meeting was held

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