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Information of Senior Executives·Dynamic Situation in Shandong of the Xinhua News Agency Published a Long Article to Look Back on the 15th Anniversary of ZHONGRONG XINDA’s Entrepreneurial Development

  ZHONGRONG XINDA GROUP going through continuous downturn of coking industry and high pressure situation of environmental protection is changing quietly. Over the past 15 years, ZHONGRONG XINDA has based on the tide, thought about changes actively, continuously strengthened talent strategy and technological innovation, advanced kinetic energy conversion and gradually formed a new industrial pattern of ‘one base, one body with two wings’, which is based on energy and chemical industry, takes the financial investment as the main body, takes logistics clean energy and mineral resources as two wings. From the gorgeous turn of Shandong Coking Chemical Group to ZHONGRONG XINDA GROUP, its industry is constantly doing its best and it gradually develops into a leading industrial leader, a new benchmark for transformation and upgrading.

Mining Guide of Peru Reported on Banggou Project

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