Endogenous Power of ZHONGRONG XINDA Tiexiong Shinsha Ran out ‘Acceleration’ of Transformation Development

Balance System Resources Promote Technological Innovation Upgrade Environmental Safety

  ‘There are no backward industries, only backward technologies. As long as we accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries with new technologies, they will become sunrise industries and unleash powerful new forces.’ In the key year of transformation development of traditional coal chemical industry to modern coal chemical industry, ZHONGRONG XINDA GROUP Tiexiong Shinsha Energy Co., Ltd. planed as a whole, balanced production system resources such as water, electricity and gas (steam), promoted technological innovation, upgraded environmental safety again, dug potentiality, increased production and gathered momentum. The endogenous force was enhanced continuously and ran out ‘acceleration’ of transformation development. The output of coke in the first half of the year broke the record high. Main business revenue was higher than expected growth. Total profit was at an all-time high. Earning ability and management level has reached a new level.

The President of Peru Spoke on National Day to Recommend Banggou Project


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