Tiexiong Xinsha implements "four responsibilities" and strengthens safety work in an all-round way

  Recently, in view of the frequent occurrence of accidents in chemical enterprises such as the "3.21" accident in Xiangshui, Jiangsu Province, Tiexiong Xinsha has held many medium-high-level meetings to analyze the causes of the accident in combination with the multi-dimensional analysis of the accident report, deeply draw lessons from the accident, and fully deploy security work for the coming period. Through the establishment of the general manager responsibility system of the professional review team, conduct a comprehensive and detailed investigation of the production site, the construction site, the factory roads and the storage area of chemical products, further refine and tamp the safety responsibility, and put the safety work in a prominent position.

Audit expert group of Mayor's Quality Award went to Tiexiong Metallurgy for on-site Evaluation

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