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Tie Xiong Metallurgy of ZHONGRONG XINDA GROUP CO., LTD. Improved Four ‘Major Efficiencies’ and Strengthened ‘Four Promotions’

Promoting All-round Green Transformation Development with High Quality

  ‘I have never had a meeting that can inspire so much intelligence, sincerity and encouragement. The meeting is very exciting and I’m very inspired. After listening to the speeches of colleagues and leaders, I have deeply felt that it is stressful, motivating and happy to enter the company’s core power layer and be able to be with good people.’ These are the words from the bottom of New Deputy General Manager of Shandong Tie Xiong Metallurgy of ZHONGRONG XINDA GROUP CO., LTD., Yang Jiangang’s heart at the recently concluded half-year conference.

Study Forum about Incorruptible Practising is Held by the Group

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