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Adopt the Scientific Development as the Theme and Lead the Transformation Leap-over

——Documentary Development of the Tenth Anniversary of the Establishment of Shandong Tiexiong Xinsha Energy Co., Ltd.

  In 2017, the economic benefits and tax payments of Shandong Tiexiong Xinsha Energy Co., Ltd. hit a record high, ranking 9th in the “Top 100 Laid-up Taxes of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size in Heze City in 2017”, and its subordinate companies, Jurun Building Materials Company and Hengwei Chemical, ranked 24th and 37th respectively. Adopting the scientific development as the theme and leading the transformation leap-over, after ten years of hard work and innovation and endeavor, it has developed into a large enterprise group, which has more than 10 subsidiaries, with the integration of coking, coal chemical industry, building material glass, special glass, research and development and service of environmental protection technology, logistics trade and other business.

A Group of Newly-Built Environmental Protection Upgrade Projects of the Group Are Put into Operation

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