The Peruvian government promoted the cooperation between Zhongrong Xinda and Jiangxi Copper to develop the world-class iron ore mine in Banggou as a strategic resource cooperation project between the two countries.

Highly-valued Fully-Support

  On Aug.28, Deputy Minister of Energy and Mines of Peru, Miguel Yinchausteji, who was visiting China, said, the Peruvian government identified the Banggou project as a priority world-class iron ore project, paying special attention to the major driving role of the project to regional economic development and focusing on the deepening of the new realm of economic and strategic cooperation between the two countries. The Peruvian government will support ZHONGRONG XINDA CROUP CO., LTD. and Jiangxi Copper Group with the most favorable policies, and promote high quality and high efficiency project.Miguel made the above remarks when meeting with the relevant person in charge of the ZHONGRONG New Mineral Resources Co., Ltd. at the Peruvian Embassy in China.

Another batch of environmental protection and energy conservation projects of ZHONGRONG XINDA CROUP CO., LTD. has been put into operation.

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