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Local Residents of Peru Participated in the Environmental Assessment of Zhongrong Xinda Pongo Ore Actively

  It is reported that the community meeting of Pongo Ore Project and port environmental impact assessment was held in Peruvian Marcona Environment Office on May 21. Ronald, the environmental engineer of Jinzhao Peruvian Mining Company, introduced the project progress and environmental protection situation. Related personnel of Marcona Citizen Safety Environment Organization and fishermen representatives with a total of more than 30 people listened to the report. Community residents knew more about Pongo Project and had an overall understanding on the ongoing work through the communication. Meanwhile, it received extensive supports from the community personnel and achieved the expected results.

Zhongrong Xinda Coalification Plate Formed a Group to Go to JFE, the Second Largest Iron and Steel Enterprise of Japan, for Investigation

交流环保安全技术 对接世界先进水平

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