Coking Enterprises of the Group Improve Sustained Profitability with Endogenous Power

Environmental Upgrade Project Continued the Journey Industrial Chain Diversified Operation Increased Efficiency Technology Innovation Helped

  ‘The new water treatment project in which the company invested 20 million yuan is operating steadily now. The index of discharged water is much higher than the national standard and the effluent quality can meet the drinking standard.’ On July 10th, ‘2018 Water Treatment Technology for Coking Industry in China and Third Party Operation Seminar’was held in Jinan. The vice president of ZHONGRONG XINDA GROUP CO., LTD. and chairman of Shandong Tiexiong Metallurgical Technology Co., LTD., Zhen Yuke’s introduction to ‘coking industry water treated by electrochemical water treatment technology meets the drinking standard’ has let authoritative experts in the industry give thumbs up one after another.

Information of Senior Executives·Dynamic Situation in Shandong of the Xinhua News Agency Published a Long Article to Look Back on the 15th Anniversary of ZHONGRONG XINDA’s Entrepreneurial Development


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