Study Forum about Incorruptible Practising is Held by the Group

  On July 31, a study forum about the incorruptible practicing was held by the group in Foundry Coke Company of Shandong Jiaohua Group. Wang Jianxin, the vice-chairman and deputy president of the Group, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Zhang Yijia, the deputy president of the Group, presided at the meeting with the attendance of Wu Wei, the deputy president of the Group, Wang Guandong, the deputy president of the Group and chairman of Foundry Coke Company and newly employed personnel and promoted senior managers from the headquarter and each subsidiary company. In the meeting, the Manual of Two Responsibilities of One Position was signed by Wang Jianxin and representatives present at the meeting. Moreover, attendees conducted the conversations on the subject of incorruptible practising. A total of 40 persons attended the forum including the relevant managers from the headquarter and all subsidiary companies of the Group and the management from Foundry Coke Company.

Report that the Group Cooperates with Jiangxi Copper to Develop Pongo Project is Published on the Peruvian Journal of Operation Management


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