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The President of Peru Spoke on National Day to Recommend Banggou Project

Large Investments Like Banggou Project will Help Revitalize Peru’s Economy

  On July 28th, the President of Peru, Martin Bisqiala delivered a warm speech on the anniversary of Peru’s independence for 197 years. In the speech, he recommended 8 mineral resources development projects such as Banggou polymetallic mine of ZHONGRONG XINDA, the second phase of Marcona (Shougang Group) expansion and the second phase of Telumoke (CHALCO). The total investment is over 15 billion dollars and the investment proportion of Banggou project is about 20%.

2018 Semi-annual Work Conference of the Group was Held

坚定模式自信 强化体系建设 夯实基层基础

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